My Story

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I have built a range of businesses over the years in various industries and although it can be hard work it can be very rewarding.

My last business was very different to this new business that I have just created.  I was in the health food industry, creating healthy granola's, organic raw chocolate and paleo baking mixes.  It was extremely rewarding professionally and food is my passion, especially as I am a qualified chef.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2012 and last year I spent 9 months in hospital.  I made the easy decision to close my food business and focus on regaining my health and spending time with my family.

After a little while I quickly realised that I still needed to pay rent!  Being the entrepreneur that I am I asked a few friends about cleaning houses and within 1 week I had 3 regular clients.  Now nearly 2 months later I have some wonderful clients and I really enjoy cleaning.

I love that I can go into someone's home and know that I have just given them more time for themselves.  Each house and family is like a child, they all have their own unique personalities and I love to discover this every time that I visit.

Cleaning in someone's home is a privilege and I treat it as such.  I have found such joy in a job that many of us try to delay or procrastinate about.

Let me help you regain some of your time for your family.