Raw Chocolate

April 01, 2017

Raw Chocolate

Have you been making your own raw chocolate at home?  Does it sit comfortably at room temperature or does it melt?

With Easter coming up and our love of chocolate all year round why not try this recipe for your family and see what they think.

This is the very first recipe I developed many years ago when I first discovered raw chocolate.  This recipe and the many variations then led me on to tempering raw chocolate and eventually developing our current raw chocolate range.

Raw chocolate has many health benefits, the main benefit being four times more antioxidants than cooked chocolate and even more antioxidants than blueberries.  

The reason we feel so good when we eat chocolate is that cacao releases the hormone serotonin in the brain which is the body's natural anti-depressant.  You could call chocolate your 'happy pill'.

Now if you are making your own chocolate, you can control the amount and type of sugar that you choose to use.  

I only recommend a dry sugar not a liquid sugar.  This allows the chocolate to sit comfortably at room temperature without melting.

Raw Chocolate

200g cacao butter
70g cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla powder
70g coconut sugar
pinch salt

Combine all of ingredients in a bowl over gently simmering water.
Remove from the heat every few minutes to continue stirring away from the heat and to make sure that the temperature does not rise above 42C.
Use a thermometer to keep checking the temperature.
Add desired flavourings and essential oils at this point and mix to combine.
Set the chocolate into desired moulds or simply spread over some baking paper to create chocolate bark.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy!

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