Pit Stop

April 20, 2017

Pit Stop

I have been unwell.

Fighting a flare up for nearly 12 months now. 

Now with the threat of 2 operations in close succession, what’s next?

So many questions have been running through my head.

Who am I?

What’s the purpose of this disease and struggle?

What’s next?

As I really contemplate who I am, without children, a business, a disease.  I still really cannot answer these questions, but I have removed the busyness to ask these questions.

Two months ago my business took a huge hit.  We discovered gluten in the coconut sugar that we use in manufacturing.  At first I was really confident, I dealt with the issues, recalled the products quickly and sent out flyers and emails to stores that stock our products.

The response was positive, I was hopeful we would recover quickly from this setback.

Then it hit, my confidence was shattered, 6 weeks without an income but expenses still needed to be covered.

Product ranges on track to being released, now on hold.

Questions started running through my head.  How was I going to recover from this hiccup?

Are we still in business?

Who am I without the business?

Now that the busyness has stopped what’s next?

As I started to look through the fog and as my heart cried out for healing a beautiful peace descended upon me.

My purpose was slowly being revealed to me.

We have all been created for a purpose, a beautiful purpose.

We may be mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. 

But beyond that we each have a unique gifting.  A purpose, a passion a desire to help in a small corner of the world.

Have you found your purpose? 

I had found my purpose but lost sight of it amongst the busyness of growing a business and a family.

This speed bump was simply that, a pit stop, not the end of the line.

I read a quote somewhere in this time

“Failure can only happen when you quit”

I must admit quitting was tempting, but as I rediscovered my purpose, I rediscovered my drive.

I got back in to the kitchen to create. 

I am a chef, I love to cook.  But what I love most is creating recipes for people like me with food intolerances.

I love to create simple ways to eat well, without the need for hours in the kitchen.

So I started healing my heart through cooking.

I am still slowly readjusting to life after the “gluten incident”.

As we had to reassess the business in a time of financial instability, what is the business’ uniqueness?  How do we compete with the big players?

I realised, I don’t need to.  My uniqueness is not just my story, but now also surviving the “gluten incident”.

We were offered an amazing endorsement by an official brand wanting to help us.

The conditions were that we do quarterly reporting to them, regular internal gluten testing and 6 monthly lab testing on all products.

This is the system I developed as soon as we discovered the gluten.  So I was already on the right track.

I didn’t blame the sugar manufacturer for the “gluten incident”, yes they should be accountable, but I also needed to be accountable.

If I am going to be a gluten free food manufacturer then I need to be absolutely certain that this will never happen again.

I need my customers to be absolutely certain that my products are safe for them to eat.

The biggest thing I have learnt is that if I face my fears, instead of hiding I will stand tall again to take another step.

Helping busy people change their health through food.